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Multiplying Methodism with Bishop Mike Lowry and Jeff Greenway

September 8, 2022
As churches and pastors discern where they will land as the United Methodist Church separates, some traditional Methodists may be wondering why theologically orthodox pastors and churches are leaving the denomination, even though they have been faithful to the doctrine and Discipline of the United Methodist Church. Others are considering aligning with the new Global Methodist Church and have questions about what that will look like, how it might be different than the current United Methodist Church, and how the new church will go about mission and ministry. To address some of these questions and to provide a hopeful vision for the future, Bishop Mike Lowry and Dr. Jeff Greenway, two key leaders in the Wesleyan Covenant Association and Global Methodist Church, have written a brand new book titled Multiplying Methodism: A Bold Witness of Wesleyan Faith at the Dawn of the Global Methodist Church. In this episode, host Bob Kaylor talks with Bishop Lowry and Dr. Greenway as they outline some of the key reasons for disaffiliating from the UMC along with ten reasons for congregations and pastors to consider joining the Global Methodist Church. 
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