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“Love Has a Name” with Adam Weber

August 13, 2020

How do we learn to love people like Jesus, and especially those whom we might find hard to love? Adam Weber, Pastor of Embrace Church (UMC), a multi-site church based in Sioux Falls, SD, talks with Bob and Stephanie about his new book Love Has a Name: Learning to Love the Different, the Difficult, and Everyone Else which is full of stories of loving real people with the love of Christ. Adam tells some powerful stories, offers some advice on loving people with both grace and truth, and gives us some tools for navigating the future for the Church and Methodism with a love that makes a difference. 


To order your copy of Love Has a Name, check out your favorite bookseller (releases on August 25, 2020). 


To download a complete (and free) sermon series package based on the book, go to Adam's website


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