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Perfect Love: Entire Sanctification and the Future of Methodism with Kevin Watson

April 1, 2021

In his forthcoming book, Perfect Love: Recovering Entire Sanctification--The Lost Power of the Methodist Movement, Kevin Watson argues that "above all else, God raised up the people called Methodist to preach, teach, and experience one core doctrine"--which is entire sanctification or "Christian perfection." He goes on to say that "any form of Methodism that is not connected to the doctrine of entire sanctification has no future." What is entire sanctification, how do we move toward it, and what are the implications of this doctrine for the future of the Global Methodist Church? Listen in as Kevin discusses these questions and more with hosts Bob Kaylor and Stephanie Greenwald.

Perfect Love is set to release in May 2021. Check the Seedbed website for updates and to pre-order your copy. 

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