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The Catechism of the Global Methodist Church with Jason Vickers

August 25, 2022
Catechism - it's a word you probably haven't heard much in Methodist circles, but it's a word that has been vital to other Christian traditions. We might think of the Westminster Shorter Catechism, for example, which provides the doctrinal foundation for some Reformed churches. For millions of Christians, a catechism has been an important tool for understanding and living out the Christian faith in line with Christians across time and space.
After all, that's what "catechism" means: instruction. It's a shorthand way for teaching the faith to people of all ages--a way that can be learned, digested, and committed to memory as a guide for the Christian life and a guard against false teaching.
John Wesley loved the Shorter Catechism, even offering a revised version of it for the people called Methodist. But much of Methodism, and particularly United Methodism, hasn't had a catechism of its own that draws together our doctrines into a teachable form. Until now, that is.
The Global Methodist Church recently released a catechism for the new denomination. Put together by a diverse team of scholars, pastors, and laity, this catechism offers the church a gift of clarity and a tool for teaching what we believe. Dr. Jason Vickers, Professor of Theology at Asbury Seminary, led this team and he joins host Bob Kaylor for this episode to talk about all things catechetical.
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