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“We Sang a Dirge:” Learning to Lament - with Poet Lo Alaman

December 3, 2020

Lo Alaman's spoken word poetry has blessed the Church and many of our listeners will have heard him speak at the New Room Conference. Lo's new book of poems, We Sang a DirgePoems, Laments, and Other Things That Matter to God is a thoughtful and powerful look at the state of the culture and the Church. As a black man in the Church and a black man in America, Lo offers some candid insights into how the biblical practice of lament can speak into the issues of racism, injustice, and division that affect American society today and offers some thoughts on how the present and future Church can better reflect the Kingdom vision of unity. 

Click here to order a copy of Lo's new book from Seedbed. You can also follow Lo on Instagram at LoThePoet. 

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